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My putter was stolen

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 20th, 2007
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How personal is your putter? My Ping Zing, a manganese bronze classic, was very personal to me. My putter single handedly dashed the dreams of many opponents by sinking thousands of great putts. I had thousands of birdies with my old Zing. My Ping Zing was magic.

After at least 10 years of using the gem I found it to be missing from my bag on the #1 tee last Tuesday. Someone passed up the rest of my set of clubs and snatched it. Of all the clubs to loose… I would have preferred they take the entire rest of my bag than that putter.

My backup is a Ping Zing 2 which is stainless steel. It is a wonderful putter yes, but it just isn’t the same.

How cool is Ping?

They still make the heads for my old Ping Zing and many other “classics.” I have a new one on order, custom made and fit for me. It will be here before my first big tournament of the year in a couple of weeks. My local shop tells me that when Ping says they’ll build the club in 4-5 days and then ship, the club usually gets there in 4-5 days.

My old Zing was a very dark brown. The new one will be gold in color, which is what my old one looked like before the bronze in the putter tarnished with age. I look forward to trying out my new Zing but I’ll always miss my old one.

Ping Redwoods

I like the new Ping Redwood putters. They are apparently attempting to compete with the higher end releases from other companies. I took a few swings with a Ping Redwood Zing and it was really nice. The Ping Zing Redwood can be found at Edwin Watts Golf.

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