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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
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There’s a new network for golf, targeting viewers in golf retail outlets. This network is called “The Golf Network.” “TGN”‘s is the first and only digital television network to go into golf retail shops. Their press release below says there’ll be 4,000,000 eyeballs watching monthly. Now does that mean 2,000,000 viewers since each one has presumably has two eyeballs? I digress.

TGN won’t be broadcasting golf tournaments, but it will have golf related features and can even have specially targeted broadcasts for particular audiences in specific areas. The cool thing is that golf retailers can make sure they have content they like being broadcast in their stores, without having their competitor’s ads in it!



The Golf Network, celebrating its first anniversary since announcing the new high tech solution for the golf retail industry, goes live in February, and by May predicts it will have close to 4,000,000 eyeballs monthly watching its content in major golf retail outlets throughout the country, it was announced by Alan Donahue, President and founder of the San Francisco-media based company.
“Since we had our coming out party at the PGA Show last year,” said Donahue, “much has happened with The Golf Network…and it’s all good and exciting.
“First, we had an extensive test program with Arbitron to determine how TGN’s concept would be perceived by the consumer. Those tests proved that we were on the right track and the technology we were providing the retail industry was of the highest quality.
“Second, we tweaked our concept further and re-deployed some of our priorities to match the business demand of the industry. Initially, we focused on green grass pro shops and that still remains part of our plan. But advertisers and investors wanted a delivery system that would reach more consumers quicker and more frequently. Hence, off course golf retailers moved up in our rollout program. And I am happy to report that we have commitments from virtually every retail chain that either specializes in golf or has an active golf department.
“Third, with the success of The Golf Network with golf retailers, our parent company, LinksMark multimedia expand with by creating two additional retail networks—Sports Fitness Network and the Winter Sports Network. There will be other variations in the future. We are anticipating a third or fourth quarter launch of the Sports Fitness Network.”
The Golf Network has more than 500 retail outlets or chains under contract with applications from 1,000 more. Installation begins in February and by May more than 300 stores will be on the network. First tier installations will include all Dunham stores in the mid-west, Golf USA, Golftec, ParMaster and Sports Authority. “By the time our first tier installations are completed, we will have close to 4,000,000 eyeballs seeing TGN content on a daily basis,” Donahue added.
Arbitron tests showed that consumers seeing TGN screens had an average of a 4.1 minute dwell time while watching the network’s content. Retailers participating in the test had an average of a 30 percent increase in sales. Close to 85 percent of the consumers questioned after watching TGN felt that the network represented a strong and quick way to learn about new products and services; 40 percent had recall of an ad running on TGN and made an unplanned, impulse purchase based up seeing a product advertisement.
“Arbitron research validated that The Golf Network maximizes the awareness, effectiveness and acceptance of point of sale messaging. That was the summation of more than 800 exit interviews,” added Donahue.

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