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The Golf Channel’s Sony Open Coverage

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Saturday, January 13th, 2007
Categories: PGA Tour

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I was over commenting on a post made by golfblogger and I decided I might as well just post the comment here as a post. Hey, then someone could post a comment on my post which was a comment on another post. I’m making myself dizzy.

The Golf Channel’s Sony Open Coverage

There’s a certain female player who golfblogger commented on. He said TGC didn’t give this player much air time. I’m watching the replay of round two on my DVR and that particular player is at +12. She ended up finishing the tournament 14 strokes off the cut.

My comments about this:

Maybe TGC is doing what I’ve suggested and what I’m now doing: Covering what is relevant, entertaining and interesting. Her missing yet another men’s cut for the zillionth time is none of the above. I for one may be boycotting even mentioning this person’s name in my blog until she WINS something… a game of checkers, tick-tac-toe, monopoly, a coin toss..anything.

Fake an injury

Oh how about announcing the wrist injury before the tournament? There’s an excuse for her before the thing even started. When a football player fumbles it’s always best to limp off the field like he’s injured. When a baseball player can’t run down a pop fly, he acts like he pulled a hammie. In short: If you suck, fake an injury.

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