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It took 9 months to cut my handicap in half

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
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The USGA/State handicap computers are turned off for the season. Our season here in Salt Lake is essentially from when the snow melts to when the snow flies. I managed to post some pretty low (for me) scores in the last 3rd of the season to knock my handi down to about the lowest it has ever been, a 1.6. It took me exactly 9 months to improve from a 3.2 to a 1.6.

In my experience it becomes much harder to improve your handicap the lower it gets. I’m sure someone has figured it out (probably Dave Pelz), but it has to be an exponential curve of difficulty. I’d say that knocking my handi from a 3.2 when the snow melted this spring to a 1.6 is 20x as hard as going from a 25 to a 12.

The best thing about my latest USGA handicap update is that it’s the last one until next spring here. So I get to stay at a 1.6 without even lifting a club all Winter.

Revision Date Handicap Index
11/15/2006 1.6
11/1/2006 1.8
10/15/2006 1.8
10/1/2006 2.1
9/15/2006 1.9
9/1/2006 2.5
8/15/2006 2.4
8/1/2006 2.3
7/15/2006 2
7/1/2006 2.6
6/15/2006 3
6/1/2006 3.8
5/15/2006 3.3
5/1/2006 3.2
4/15/2006 3.2
4/1/2006 3.2
3/15/2006 3.2
3/1/2006 3.2
2/15/2006 3.2

2 responses to “It took 9 months to cut my handicap in half”

  1. Harkov says:

    awesome, nice work, and congrats!

    hopefully i can get myself into single digits next season!

  2. Big Jake says:

    Great work. I’m a hacker, but my golf buddy plays off 5. For him, the biggest hurdle is getting his mind in shape.
    He has every shot in the book from a swing perspective, so practice and lessons don’t hold the key. But learning to cope with pressure and staying focussed will enable him to cut his handicap further.