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Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Monday, January 2nd, 2006
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When Winter comes around in my neck of the woods I can’t get out and golf much. I also can’t golf much when I have torn cartilage in my chest, but that’s another story…

I’ve got two golf sites: www.hookedongolfblog.com and www.webcountryclub.com. Web Country Club has been strictly a golf forum for over a year now. Over the last few months I’ve been getting more and more into web design, hosting, forums, blogs, shopping etc. I’ve revamped Web Country Club and added a Pro Shop (online store), classifieds and a bunch of other stuff. I’m still working on much of it.

With what I’ve learned about blogs, hosting, forums etc., and with the explosion of golf blogs and sites out there, I’ve come up with a nutty idea: Web hosting specifically geared toward the GOLF industry. Hear me out:

The site: The Golf Server

How many golf blogs are under the blogger umbrella? Dozens if not hundreds. They all have names like “mygolfblog.blogspot.com.” Would it be cooler for a golf site to have “mygolfblog.thegolfserver.com” rather than “mygolfblog.blogspot.com”??? Or am I just on drugs? OK, I admit it… I am on lortab right now.

At The Golf Server I can setup a sub domain (like “mygolfblog.thegolfserver.com”) or setup a whole entire site (like mygolfblog.com). Any of the popular blogging software can be used: WordPress, b2Evolution, movable type, even blogger’s. And I can also setup golf forums, shops, photo galleries, chat rooms or whatever. I have a sample blog running under WordPress you can check out: http://blogs.thegolfserver.com.

With all the new golf sites and blogs popping up I thought why not get involved? Why not see if anyone is interested? Any ideas folks?

So what’s it worth? I don’t know. It is my first web experiment for 2006. I’m going to start out with hosting blogs for free under the abcd.thegolfserver.com setup. I’ll see if I get any nibbles. Maybe to pay for the bandwidth put some small google ads there. Thoughts? Wanna be a test subject and try a free golf blog?

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