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And the 2006 Q-School graduates are:

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
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The “most grueling event in golf” is over and we have 32 graduates who get their PGA Tour card for 2006. Here they are, what they shot, and their winnings for the event:

Medalist John Holmes 69-69-68-67-66-69–408 (24-under) $50,000
2 Alex Cejka 73-66-68-70-66-68—411 (21-under) $40,000
T3 Nick Thompson 74-67-69-64-69-70—413 (19-under) $32,500
T3 D.A. Points 69-69-68-66-67-74—413 (19-under) $32,500
T5 Tom Byrum 67-73-68-65-72-70—415 (17-under) $26,250
T5 Nick Watney 72-71-66-68-69-69—415 (17-under) $26,250
T7 Daisuke Maruyama 70-71-74-68-65-68—416 (16-under) $25,000
T7 Michael Allen 64-68-71-69-70-74—416 (16-under) $25,000
T9 Hunter Mahan 70-74-72-66-67-68—417 (15-under) $25,000
T9 Will MacKenzie 71-73-68-69-67-69—417 (15-under) $25,000
T9 Robert Garrigus 68-71-70-67-71-70—417 (15-under) $25,000
12 Marco Dawson 76-73-68-69-64-68—418 (14-under) $25,000
T13 John Engler 73-68-71-72-67-68—419 (13-under) $25,000
T13 Jeff Overton 68-71-69-74-68-69—419 (13-under) $25,000
T13 Henrik Bjornstad 69-69-71-68-70-72—419 (13-under) $25,000
T13 Bubba Dickerson 73-70-71-66-67-72—419 (13-under) $25,000
T13 Ron Whittaker 71-73-67-66-70-72—419 (13-under) $25,000
T18 Ian Leggatt 76-72-67-68-69-68—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Ryan Hietala 66-78-66-69-72-69—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Brian Bateman 70-73-72-69-67-69—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Matt Hansen 69-72-72-68-68-71—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Alex Aragon 70-68-72-72-73-65—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Greg Kraft 66-72-74-67-69-72—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Mike Sposa 71-69-71-69-68-72—420 (12-under) $25,000
T18 Bill Glasson 70-71-67-68-70-74—420 (12-under) $25,000
T26 Danny Ellis 69-70-67-72-73-70—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 Michael Connell 67-73-71-67-73-70—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 Brett Wetterich 70-70-69-69-71-72—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 B.J. Staten 72-68-70-65-74-72—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 Frank Lickliter II73-68-70-69-69-72—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 Bill Haas 68-72-73-69-67-72—421 (11-under) $25,000
T26 Mathias Gronberg 69-72-67-69-70-74—421 (11-under) $25,000

More interesting than this perhaps a few who didn’t make it:

(this isn’t all the players who didn’t make it, just a few that caught my eye)
Briny Baird
Dan Forsman (from my state)
Steve Stricker
Scott hend
Tripp Isenhour
Jay Don Blake (from my state)
Kevin Stadler
Larry Mize
Notah Begay III
Matt Goegel
J.P. Hayes
Bob May (almost beast Tiger in that awesome 2000 PGA)
Per-Ulrik Johansson
Skip Kendall

Looks like Bob May will get to play on the PGA Tour in 2006 due to a medical exemption…

3 responses to “And the 2006 Q-School graduates are:”

  1. dvd14 says:

    I believe Bob May almost beat Tiger in the PGA Championship.

  2. mediaguru says:

    Yes, you’re right.

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