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“I would like to tell all my dear friends in the media to kiss my ass.”

Once again Marc O’Hair has put his foot in his mouth.

Marc O’Hair (father of PGA Tour player Sean O’Hair) wrote a nice little letter to the Golf Channel trying to somehow rebut the media and public opinions about the way he raised/trained his boy. If you may recall Marc is the one who ran his son’s life like a brutal military camp and forced his then 17 year old son to sign a contract giving him a cut of all professional earnings.

Marc: A little advise for you. Keep your mouth shut and go away. And if you want to try to use the media to improve your image, you may want to start by not telling them to kiss your ass. You can never win a battle against the media.

One response to “I would like to tell all my dear friends in the media to kiss my ass”

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