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300th post

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
Categories: Site News

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I just realized that the last post was the 300th here!

2 responses to “300th post”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    Holy Cow that is a lot of content!

    For the record here is the spread:

    Accessories (9)
    Balls (19)
    Champions Tour (8)
    Clubs (14)
    Courses (20)
    Equipment (33)
    European Tour (8)
    Golf Media (70)
    Hackers (43)
    Instruction (6)
    LPGA Tour (19)
    Miscellaneous (64)
    Nationwide Tour (1)
    PGA Tour (124)
    Pro Tips (2)
    Reviews (26)
    Site News (35)

    Some posts have more than one tag so 501 = 300 posts.

    It’s not fair passing me so quickly 😉


  2. mediaguru says:

    Yes, you figured out that I didn’t slimeball and count double tagged ones. Good eye.

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