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TaylorMade r7 Dual TP 3 Wood

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Monday, July 18th, 2005
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r7-1TaylorMade’s V-Steel series is the most popular metal wood on tour and the most recommended by the pros at my home course. Can the new r7 Dual TP 3 wood improve on the V-Steel’s reputation? Let’s find out.

The Technology

The r7 Dual TP 3 wood is the first golf club I’ve owned that came with an owner’s manual. To me if a traditional club were to come with a manual it would read: “Swing club, hit ball.” But with TM’s movable weighting system you need the manual to know how to set your ball flight.

The r7 Dual has two movable weights located in the back of the club. These weights are part of what TM calls “TLC” or “TaylorMade Launch Control.” By altering the configuration of these weights the player can set it for varying degrees of draws and fades.

r7toplineWhat does “TP” really mean? “Tour Preferred” is the setting the professional tour players typically use. The shaft tip size and torque, along with virtually no offset is how they like it.

The r7 is made of Titanium (not steel like the V-Steel). The Titanium is lighter, allowing for TaylorMade to implement the TLC system.

The graphite version of the r7 TP utilizes the Fujikura Vistapro 80 shaft in X-S-R flexes. The steel version is the True Temper Dynamic Gold X100-S300-R300.

The grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

The Look

The r7 is a beautiful club. It is not one of those strange looking contraptions you see these days. The r7 has a clean traditional design with a pear shaped head. The head is what I’d call “medium” in size.

On The Course

I didn’t play with the weights (default is a draw setting), and I didn’t bother with a bucket of practice balls. I just threw the r7 3 wood right in my bag for one of my regular Thursday rounds. I’ve played Thursdays with the same 3 buddies for years.

The first shot I hit with the club was my 2nd on a long par 5. I had an uphill lie and about a 250 yard uphill shot to the green. I nailed it and the club made a nice pinging sound. The ball flew with a trajectory that I haven’t seen before from any of my 3 woods. It bored through the air with a slight draw and ended up on the front of the green.

r7accessoriesImmediately one of my friends came over and asked “did you get a new 3 wood?” Even from about 40 yards away it was so obvious to him there was something different about my shot. Different and noticeably better. I showed him the club and he told me that he’d never seen a ball flight like that from my 3 wood before. As a former instructor and a very wise golfer, I listen to what he says.

I’ve kept this 3 wood in my bag ever since and hitting it is a joy. Each time I hit this club it sings. The club has a great sound and feel. I’m able to work it very easily either direction. It is great off the tee and even from rough with a moderate lie. Just today I had to hit it from behind a tree with an overhanging branch. I needed to aim it OB left, and hit a low cut back down the fairway. I executed the shot perfectly. You have to trust those kind of shots your you’ll just knock it OB. With the r7 Dual TP 3 wood I can “trust it.”

I hit the thing so well from day one I’ve never even messed with the weights. I must be a bit superstitious, but I don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken.

What Can Be Improved?

The only gripe I have with the r7 TP 3 wood is the head cover. Minor detail. The cover has a thinner flexible cloth underside and a less flexible top. When I insert the r7 into the cover it doesn’t want to go into the proper position. The head protrudes outward below the harder section it is meant to go in. So sometimes it takes 2-3 attempts to get the head all the way in the cover.

As long as TM continues to put so much great work into designing great clubs I’m OK with them not wasting that R&D on the head cover.


I’m going to keep the conclusion short and to the point. This is the best 3 wood I’ve ever hit.

Specs for model I’m using:
15 degree, 3 metal
Fujikura Vistapro 80 graphite shaft, S flex

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