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Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
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The US OPEN starts tomorrow. The most recent poll regarding your preference for the US Open playing conditions is now closed.

The results…..drumroll please

Medium: Even par should win it. -> 68%

Very difficult: Over par score wins. -> 26%

Don’t care -> 5%

Easy: Give me a shootout! -> 0%

The overwhelming majority of 68% (myself included) prefers the winning score to be EVEN PAR. A few of you wanted to see the pros punshised by a difficult course while NONE of you wanted to see a Bob Hope-esque shootout.

I’m now starting the new poll which will run through the US Open and probably the week following:

The 2005 US Open playing conditions

1. Just right
2. Too hard
3. Too easy
4. Don’t care

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