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Greetings from my new pad!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Friday, June 3rd, 2005
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OK, I’m in my new pad now. Every muscle in my body hurts from moving. My internet and TV are scheduled to be installed tomorrow. I’m able to post because I have found an unsecured wireless connection here. If I sit perfectly at my kitchen table, I get enough signal to surf and check email. I get a better signal when my wife stands on the 3rd tile in on the 5th row of the kitchen floor. I made her stand there for a while :-)

I have no TV yet, but Jeff Sluman is still leading. Like I said yesterday, that won’t last. Oh and a guy named Tiger is one back. I sure wish I could be watching this instead of reading about it… Yeah yeah I could hook up an antennae but I won’t stoop that low.

Here are some pics from the deck on my new pad. This one is the 17th fairway at River Oaks (their web site is lame):

The tee is to the left. I’ve already shagged two balls on the grass below my place. One Titleist and one “catch & release” ball. I released it back to the middle of the fairway.

This pic is of 17 green:

I’ll be living here for 3-5 months while my new pad is being constructed…

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