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Nice Par

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 19th, 2005
Categories: Hackers

Wow what a great day. It was sunny and 80 with total blue skies. I played two of my favorite courses today. The first was with my usual Thursday group. Then 2nd round was with my pop at his club which is an amazing 27 hole layout.

My pop and I played with one other friend of his, a 20 handicapper who always wins $2 from me because he gets strokes everywhere.

We’re on the 4th hole which is a downhill 176 yard par 3. There are thick trees right and left and a heavy left to right wind. Mr. 20 handicapper pushes one deep into the forest for a lost ball. He re-tees and knocks it right at the flag. He says “go in the hole” just like we all do. I say “Fred Couples, TPC 17 when he got a par with a hole in one on his 2nd shot.” Yeah whatever.

So we get to the green and sure enough, his ball is IN THE HOLE. He made par on this par 3 after re-teeing. Hole in one….er 3. He looks at us and says “that f’ing thing is in the hole!” I replied “nice par.”

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