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The Most Interesting Golfing Video Games

Written by: Site Sponsor | Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
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The Most Interesting Golfing Video Games

Golfing is definitely a sport loved by many. It has been around since the 15th century and actually originated off the eastern coast of Scotland. The region was under the Kingdom of Fife, and the game consisted of hitting a pebble over the dunes of Scotland. It is hard to imagine that golfing, with all the modern touches like golf-themed online gambling games with betfair promotions, had such primitive beginnings. The following are some of the most loved golfing video games available.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 could be considered the superstar of golfing simulation video games. It was developed by the ever-so-popular EA Tiburon. The game was introduced June 8th, 2009. It became an instant hit with amateurs as well as professional golfers. The game was released for Playstation 2, 3, and Portable. It was also released for the Wii, Xbox 360, and other home consoles. Many of the online additions are no longer available, but this game definitely made a splash.

Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf

When it comes to traditional golfing video games, there is no better example than Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf that was actually released back in 1988. The game could be played by up to four players. The game was so popular in its heyday that it was a regular staple in many arcades. The game was released for Nintendo by the company SNK.

Wii Sports

The Wii Sports game was released by Nintendo in 2006, and it was considered the 48th most addictive game of all time. The game did include several sports, but the golfing game is a favorite among its players. One of the reasons the game is so addictive is because it was part of the Touch! Generation, meaning the player gets to interact with the game in a more physical way than before.

Ninja Golf

The Ninja Golf was released back in 1990, and it had one of the most quirky themes one can imagine. Many of the fans of this game are just astonished at how inventive the game really was. It was released for Atari 7800, and it enjoys a coveted place among game collectors.

Mario Golf: World Tour

The Mario Golf: World Tour game is one of the most fun golf games out there. It is not the most technical, but it definitely resembles the fun experience one might have at a mini-golf course. The game was released back in 2014 and is still beloved by most of the people who play it.

These are just a few of the most popular or well-received golfing video games. There are a lot more video golfing games to try, not to mention that there are options on other platforms. Other platforms include android, iPhones, computers, and portable platforms, just to name a few. It is clear to see that a golfer does not need to stop playing just because he or she is not on a golfing course. There are many ways to satisfy that golfing desire.

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