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Here Wie go again…. yawn

07.12.06 | Category: LPGA TourPGA Tour

Michelle Wie is going to try to make the cut on the PGA Tour again this weekend at the John Deer Classic. I wish she’d do it and either get […]


Fantasy week 23 results

| Category: Site News

EatGolf has once again won the weekly fantasy contest. He has some “secret” program that he wrote that predicts the best players to pick. Eat: Why don’t WE use this […]


Hernia update

07.11.06 | Category: Life

Nice to have my personal medical issues here for thousands of people per day to see…. Anyway, I don’t have a hernia yet. I have the beginnings of one. I […]


Unfortunately I think I have a hernia

| Category: Life

This sucks MAJOR. I moved last week. Unfortunately I moved some very heavy stuff I shouldn’t have and I believe I’m now paying the price. I’ve never had a hernia […]


Tiger hit a shank today

07.09.06 | Category: PGA Tour

Woa I can’t believe what I just saw. TIGER HIT A SHANK!?!!?!?! WTF? Wow.


2007 Masters practice round tix ALERT

07.08.06 | Category: PGA Tour

Who thinks of The Masters in the middle of July when it’s 267 days, 13 hours, 24 minutes, and 18 seconds away? Yours truly. You have 7 days to get […]


Will the “get in the hole” dude please shut up?

07.07.06 | Category: MiscellaneousPGA Tour

Someone smack this guy! Every PGA tournament there’s some bonehead behind the tee on the par 3’s who yells “get in the hole.” If we all join together and vow […]


Meg’s inside thoughts on the Women’s U.S. Open

07.06.06 | Category: Golf For WomenLPGA Tour

Since Megan Heckeroth, HOG contributor, has played in a Women’s U.S. Open I thought it would be nice to get a quick take from her. I just asked her to […]

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