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Drive Tee

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
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Drive Tee

Drive Tee - click to zoom

The Drive Tee is a golf tee engineered by Mike Cutino.  His idea was to create a tee which allows the player to achieve a more consistent ball height.  If the player can more consistently tee the ball at the same height, he or she can groove the bottom of the swing and make more solid and consistent contact.


Drive Tees come in a retail set which includes seven total tees of three varying heights.  There are three separate heights to accommodate the different clubs one might tee off with, drivers, hybrids/fairways and irons.  The shortest tee height puts the ball about 5/16ths of an inch above the ground.  The middle tee height puts the ball about 1.25 inches off the ground and the longest 1.75 inches.

On The Course

Unless I’m trying to help ride a tail wind with my driver by hitting it really high, I don’t use the longest tee.  I find that the mid length is great for me.  So typically I have the two shorter tees in my pocket.  I use the short one for everything but driver.  And as advertised, it is nice to consistently tee them up the same height.


Book review: An Idiot For All Seasons by David Feherty

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Finally I’ve found reading material that is down to my level.  For the first time in my entire life I’ve read a book which is longer than three pages, from start to finish in one sitting.  I guess it takes fart jokes and golf potty humor for me to sustain a high attention level.

David Feherty - An Idiot For All Seasons

David Feherty's book, An Idiot For All Seasons

While on a plane this past weekend from Dallas to Puerto Rico, I cracked open David Feherty’s book An Idiot For All Seasons.  Thanks to my buddy Shanego for the birthday gift by the way.  I started the read during taxi and didn’t put the book down until I’d read all 276 pages some 3+ hours later.


To me this book is basically a blog in print format.  The blog posts chapters are entered in four categories, the four seasons.  Within each season are posts relevant to that time frame.  Topics covered include Feherty’s experiences working for CBS’s PGA Tour coverage team, his playing career, marrying Tiger Woods, hunting and many other random subjects.  At the end of each chapter is an excerpt from Golf Magazine–a question from a reader which he typically answers in a random style which may or may not directly answer the reader’s question.

Keep in mind that this book is not terribly new.  It was published back to 2005 so there won’t be anything on the Tiger Woods scandal.

It is interesting to read Feherty’s take on his golf playing career, which seems to be of great interest to his idiots fans who wonder why he doesn’t still play competitively.  I particularly like the references to winning the Dunhill Cup as captain of the Irish team at The Old Course in St. Andrews.  Having made my first (and not last) pilgrimage to the Home of Golf this past summer, I love hearing stories like that.

“It is a moment that no one will ever be able to take away from me, largely because even I don’t know where I put it.”


Feherty’s twisted self deprecating golf potty humor is brilliantly delivered and quite entertaining.  Though not the newest book on the shelf, it is still a very fun read.

Pure Shot Driver – Golf Training Aid

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 17th, 2011
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If you are familiar with the Tour Striker you’ll get the concept of the Pure Shot Driver, a training aid for hitting more shots on the sweet spot of the driver.

Pure Shot Driver Concept

The Pure Shot Driver has a convex face, or a face which sticks out. The sweet spot of the driver is the only flat spot, with the surrounding areas of the face curving away toward the edges.

Pure Shot Driver

The Pure Shot Driver promotes hitting on the center of the club face. Flies like it too... Click to zoom

The concept of this design is to force the player to hit the center of the club face, or face the horrid visual feedback of balls going sideways, straight up or straight down.

On The Range


Duffer Snuffer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 13th, 2011
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Duffer Snuffer

Duffer Snuffer

I don’t smoke, but I have some golf buddies who do.  I know they’re always putting their “ciggies” on the grass or on the side of the cart, then losing them.  Some golf smokers (not my buddies) throw their cigarette butts on the ground when they’re done with them.

Duffer Snuffer

I just put a Duffer Snuffer into play in my group to solve the above issues.  Now my buddies have a place to put their lit cigarettes, and also a place to discard them when they are done rather than chucking them on the ground.  The discarded butts are stored in the ball chamber and can be thrown away later.

When in transport or being stored, the unit comes with a nice carry bag.


This is a bit of a novelty item, but fun for those who smoke I suppose and it serves one good purpose, keeping cigarette butts off the golf course.  If they only had a unit for cigars…

Bridgestone Golf J40 3+ Fairway Wood Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
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Bridgestone Golf J40 3+ Fairway

Bridgestone Golf J40 3+ Fairway

I’ve been on a quest to find the holy grail of 3-woods for many years.  That quest may be over.

J40 3+ Fairway Design

The new Bridgestone Golf J40 3+ Fairway Wood is a “strong” 3-wood, at 14 degrees.  Standard 3-woods are 15 degrees.  So this one should, and does, hit the ball a bit farther than a regular 3-wood.  I’m not getting any older younger and my swing speed isn’t increasing it seems, so the extra yards have come in handy.

The 190cc head is made of stainless steel with a very thin top or crown.  The head is shallow in profile, meaning it is not very tall from bottom to top.  The result is a longer width from heel to toe for added forgiveness.

The center of gravity of this club (CG) promotes higher launch despite the lower loft, longer carry and as a result, longer distance.  There’s a cool looking weight near the heel which helps optimize the CG of the club as well, promoting low spin and helping accuracy.  The weight, to my knowledge, is not removable or adjustable.


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