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First Photos: FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
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For the last several weeks I’ve been a part of a select group of people who have been receiving weekly “mystery” boxes from FootJoy. Inside those boxes have been clues to a new product and new technologies within that product, the new FootJoy DNA golf shoe.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

I did my best with these photos to try and capture just how sharp and classy looking these golf shoes are. When I took them out of the box the wife and I both let out a little oooooohhhhh.

As soon as the snow melts, or when I go nuts due to the snow and decide to go south to play some golf, I’ll be slapping these babies on my feet and beginning the rigorous testing I put golf shoes through for my reviews.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

Stay tuned. Until then enjoy the photos in the HOG FootJoy DNA photo album.

Ecco Street Evo One Snow Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 9th, 2014
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I’ve begun the evaluation period for my review of the new Ecco Street EVO One hybrid golf shoes.  Today I wore them to the office and luxuriated comfortably all day in them.  Upon arrival at HOG World Headquarters (my house) the driveway needed shoveling, about four inches of snow.

Shoveling snow in shorts and golf shoes… This is normal.

With fresh treads and waterproof shoes, I shoveled the driveway.  The Street Evo’s performed very well in the snow.  Never slipped.  Feet dry.  Toes warm.

These are hybrids, but not just a hybrid street/golf shoe.  We’re talking street/golf/snow hybrid.

Phase one of the review complete.  Looking forward to phase 2, playing golf in them when the snow melts or when I leave town for green grass.

Photo: FootJoy Mystery Box #4 Includes More Product Innovation

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
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Remember back in the old MASH TV series how Radar O’Riley was shipping a jeep home, one part at a time?  I’m doing something similar, putting together FootJoy golf shoes one part at a time.  Each of the last four weeks a “mystery box” has arrived containing one small part of a new breakthrough shoe.  Come to think of it, I’m assembling one shoe…  Oh well.

FootJoy DNA FitBed

FootJoy DNA FitBed

This week’s mystery box contained an “Xtra-Thick FTF FitBed,” pictured above.  Yes that was going to be my guess for the name.

“FTF” is short for Fine Tuned Foam.  This foam makes up the cushion bed inside the shoe.  The bed provides stability but is still soft and comfortable.

FJ Trivia

Thanks to FJ for this trivia.  FootJoy has been the most worn show on the PGA Tour since shoe counts were first taken in 1945.

Even more entertaining is that I now know that shoe counts on the PGA Tour began in 1945.

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2013 Year in Review – Part Uno

2013 was quite a year for Hooked On Golf Blog and me, Tony Korologos. This article is part one of two (part two tomorrow), looking back at 2013 from at HOG viewpoint.

Rory McIlroy NikeJanuary

Ah the beginning of a new year and the hopes that my short game would improve. There’s always 2014…

Rory McIlory switched to Nike Golf. Personal issues, business issues, and perhaps the equipment switch would contribute to a less-than-satisfying year on the course for Rory.

Attended the PGA Show for the billionth time. Orlando hates me and my body. Had a great time seeing the new gear, meeting old golf friends and battling in the Battle of the Golf Blogs.

Mike and Kevin Foley & MeFebruary

February I posted a bunch of golf videos from the PGA Merchandise Show.

Asher Golf’s James Roundy, a local friend, passed. Sad.

The Hooked On Golf Blog World Tour traveled to Bogota, Colombia. What a fantastic trip! I got to play golf with Tour star Kevin Foley in the Tour Colombia Championship Pro-Am. Kevin would later gain his PGA Tour card for 2014! He must have learned from my dual chicken wing granny over the top swing.

La Cima Club de Golf - Click to enlarge


While in Colombia I played golf at La Cima Golf Course, 10,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. Wow. Ball go far.

Met Tour player Dusty Fielding. Nice kid.

A fun blog post was “Filtering Out the Noise: Golf Social Networking’s Top 10 Overused Status Updates.

I reviewed the Cobra Amp Cell driver.

Cobra Amp Cell Irons - click for more


Bubba’s Hover was the video rage. Bubba Watson released a golf cart hovercraft!

Of course, April is Masters month. Not a month is busier for me or HOG. Lots of Masters related articles. Adam Scott won the Masters in dramatic fashion. Angel Cabrera hit what I consider the shot of the year with his approach on the final hole to about two feet. That shot resulted in a birdie to tie Adam Scott and force a playoff.

I reviewed the Cobra Amp Cell irons.

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes - click to see more


Ecco Golf came out with hybrid wingtip shoes. Some of the coolest crossover shoes ever.

Tiger Woods won THE PLAYERS (always write “The Players” in ALL CAPS, it is what they do). Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods had a little tiff which the media went into a feeding frenzy over. Sergio eventually apologized for some not-so-nice comments.

HOG poll results told us that Delta Airlines is the worst airline for golf travel.

Good thing Adam Scott won the Masters when he did. The USGA and R&A announced the ban on anchored golf clubs, beginning January 1st, 2016. Bye bye belly.

Eric/Tom sent in some great fan mail, calling me an “asshole who sucks at golf and couldn’t break 100” all because of a golf bag I reviewed. Thanks Eric/Tom!

I fell down a volcano and suffered volcanic road rash. Thankfully my Nikon survived.

Sand BagJune

I played in the Salt Lake Amateur golf tournament. I was right in the mix through 27 holes until my back went out on the 10th tee.  I finished, but the last nine was not pretty. Bugger. Kill me.

HOG readers voted Southwest Airlines as the best airline for golf travel by a landslide.

I reviewed a very cool book: An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course.

Posted an article on golf CHEATERS. That’s what sandbaggers are.

Justin Rose won the U.S. Open in amazing fashion. That was one of the best ball striking displays I’ve ever seen.

On June 30, I boarded an airplane bound for St. Andrews, Scotland.

Photos: FootJoy Mystery Box #3

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 26th, 2013
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This is fun.  FootJoy has been sending weekly “mystery boxes” which contain very interesting clues to a new technological innovation.  It’s quite obvious at this point, if it was not already, that this innovation is in the world of golf shoes.

FootJoy NitroThin TPU Outsole

FootJoy NitroThin TPU Outsole

Today’s more obvious mystery item is the sole of a new golf shoe which features a “NitroThin TPU Outsole.”   That was going to be my first guess.

This thermoplastic urethane outsole has been in development for several years.

Below my son Seve is helping me with the analysis of this NitroThin TUP thermoplastic urethane outsole.

“Dad, this outsole features a thermoplastic urethane.”

Master Seve wisely pointed out that urethane is also the same material found in the covers of premium “tour” caliber golf balls like the Titleist ProV1.

Nice call Seve.  Nice call.

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