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I’m trying to clean up the files on my laptop. I screen capture things that look odd, funny, dumb… The photo below is one of those and it has taken me a long time to figure this out. Take a look.

Something is wrong with this photo, and it isn’t the fact that the lady in the background is aiming away from the flag, which is a few feet away from her and not pulled. If she putts and hits the stick it is a two stroke penalty. But like I said, that’s not the problem.

The lady in front looks like the lady in the back. Almost like they are the same lady. Maybe they’re twins? Plus she putts with a glove on?  That’s odd. But that’s not it either.  The front lady’s hair is blowing to the right, but the flag is blowing back and the lady on the right’s har isn’t moving.   A little odd as well.

I finally figured out that the lady in the front is casting no shadow, but the lady in the back is. After hours, even days of research on the Google webs I figured out that this is a female golf Doppelgänger. Check out the description:

“Ancient folklore and mythology portrays the Doppelgänger as an entity that casts no shadow and has no reflection. They are also known as “evil twins” and often have sinister motives…”

I figured it out! These ladies are obviously evil Doppelgänger twins!  I bet there’s something in there about not being affected by the wind and wearing a glove while putting.

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