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Yong Chun Kim

Man buried in snow: "golf is too much stress."

Golf can be very frustrating, and if you are a player who has a short fuse (you know who you are), very stressful.  I can get pretty upset, though I don’t usually display outward frustration.  I clam up and call myself a few four letter words followed by the word “head.”

As stressful and infuriating as golf can be, golf will always beat a day at work for most people, myself included.  Wait a sec, I work on the golf world.  Bad analogy.  But I think you get the point.

Nearly freezing to death buried in snow for 50 hours is still better than golf?

66 year old Yong Chun Kim was snowshoeing on Mount Rainier in whiteout conditions (something I don’t really see the joy in) and fell some 150 feet.  Attempting to get back to the group he was leading, he fell more and became buried in snow (picture right).  For some 50 hours Kim would use his lighter to burn articles of his clothing and even the $6.00 cash in his pocket to stay warm until he was rescued.

“Its better than golf you know?  Golf is too much stress.”

Just like a golfer who swears to quit game only to show up the next day, Kim says he will be back to Mount Rainier as soon as possible…

2 responses to “Man who nearly died buried in snow on Mount Rainier and lost for 50 hours says it is still better than golf. Ouch.”

  1. NW Golfer says:

    It’s spelled “Rainier”. Thanks for the blog.

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