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Gamma Canvas Golf Art by Vincent Concepcion

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
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Continuing on with my current “Golf Art” theme, here’s a piece by a cat in San Francisco named Vincent Concepcion, owner of Gamma Canvas.  This piece is called “San Francisco Golfer.”  Click the image to view a larger version.

Vincent works in a process he calls “Hand Drawn Digital Art.”  First he sketches the art by hand.  Then he scans it into the computer where he enhances it and uses digital airbrushing to produce the incredible shading and gradients you can see in the art.  Once the art is done, it is transferred to a canvas via an archival quality print technology.

Vincent’s work is very fun and the details are amazing.  There are also some “hidden gems” in there too, which make it even more fun.

Best of luck to my buddy Vincent Concepcion and his new golf art project!

6 responses to “Gamma Canvas Golf Art by Vincent Concepcion”

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the review and I’ll keep making new Golf artworks to enjoy. If anyone would like to see a particular Golf region portrayed in a fun Golf art style, write me @ gammabadrok@gmail.com or visit my official website @ http://www.GammaCanvas.com

    Have Fun with your Game and amazing things happen 🙂

  2. ryan says:

    Very nice artwork Vincent…heading to check out GammaCanvas now! Many thanks,

    Spam removed…

  3. Caleb says:

    I love this picture! San Fran might be my favorite city in the U.S. My sister used to live there, and while I didn’t play golf in S.F. when I visited, I did drive down to Pebble and play there : ). I live in Memphis. Where can I buy some of this art?

  4. Jerry says:

    Please be cautious of Gamma Canvas’ site. I visited it, and even though Chrome warmed me, I still visitied. And Voila! I have new Scumware installed in the form of Quick Defragmenter.

    So if you really want to visit it, I’d suggest have your Malware ready to run.


  5. Vincent says:

    The Gamma Canvas Front 9 Golf art collection is available on my website (www.GammaCanvas.com). This month, i’m painting Monterey Golfers playing the world famous California Coast. It’s a beautiful region to paint and there’s a lot to do in the area in addition to golf, so look out for the “hidden gems” in this new art release coming soon.

  6. Thanks for the warning Jerry. I hope Vincent notices the note and fixes it.

    Is this the place where I put a “buy a Mac” thing in?

    Yes, it makes me glad yet again that I’m a Mac guy and not a peeeceee guy. No BS like this to deal with.

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