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HOG moves to new server

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Saturday, August 7th, 2010
Categories: Site News

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As of 4:00PM MT, Hooked On Golf Blog is officially housed on a new, more powerful dedicated server.  Thanks to some great sponsor ad placements here, I’ve secured the new server for the next YEAR.  Yes, a whole year of hosting on a powerful server is covered!

About the new server

The old server was a single core processor machine with 3GB of ram, and a good, but not blazing fast throughput.  The new server has a quad core with more than four times the processing power.  In addition, there’s an additional gig of ram, higher throughput for faster delivery of files, and 64 bit processing versus 32 bit.

In other words, the new server should kick some serious butt!

If you have any issues or problems, chime in at the TGS Forum here and let me know what is up so I can check it out.

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