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Swing Tweaks – Granny Edition Followup

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 24th, 2010
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Yesterday’s round at Hidden Valley with my dad was glorious.  8:15am, long shadows, cool air, beautiful course.  The greens were as smooth and fast as they’ve been all year.  In fact, the speed was so much faster than I’m used to I gagged away three shots in the first few holes while trying to adjust.  One was a 3-footer which I sent six feet by and two others were 3-putts for bogey when birdie was looking possible.

Once I adjusted to the speed I started making putts and on the 10th, saw a 20 foot birdie putt roll in with the purest and straightest roll I’ve ever seen come off my putter.  There is nothing better than putting on smooth and fast greens.


I shot +3 on the front.  I had it down to +1 after going -2 on the back for a while but gave up one coming home.  A fantastic and near impossible up-and-down on the 18th gave me a final score of 74.

The new swing didn’t work perfectly.  I had some timing issues and a few pulls and pushes.  But the shots were still controlled and not wild at all.  The worst scores I carded were a four bogeys.  The new swing took double out of the equation.

3 responses to “Swing Tweaks – Granny Edition Followup”

  1. tedcaldwell says:

    Hi Tony, We have greatly improved the metrics on the ShotWatch since you last previewed it. I can send you one to try if you like. i think you’ll like the new version. Ted Caldwell

  2. JamesLongHale says:

    That is SO COOL thank you’re playing with your Dad. My Dad taught me the Game.

  3. Howzit says:

    Don Trahan, the “swing surgion”, teaches the limited turn 3/4 backsing. In the last year it has taken me from the mid 90’s to the mid 80’s. Check it out at PPGS.COM.