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Belt Caddy

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
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Golf… There isn’t a sport anywhere in our solar system which has more gadgets and accessories.  With Father’s Day coming up I thought I’d better mention the Belt Caddy by GolfTools as a possible Father’s Day Golf Gift.

The Belt Caddy is an accessory which attaches to the golfer’s belt and can hold two golf balls, two tees, the Belt Caddy divot tool (with included ball marker) and also has a velcro tab for attaching a golf glove.  The glove can air dry while hanging from the player’s belt.

On The Course

It is hard to go into a 2000 word description of a basic accessory like this.  That being said, I tried out the Belt Caddy and found it to work well and no problems with the functionality of the unit.  I don’t wear a glove so I didn’t utilize the glove tab.


I don’t really see a low handicap player or touring pro using this type of accessory.  This one is more suited to the weekend or casual player, especially those who find golf gadgets can make their rounds more enjoyable.

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2 responses to “Belt Caddy”

  1. ISBPD says:

    Two words: “pocket protector.”

  2. MNSnowman says:

    I’m pretty sure that belt caddy comes with the monogram “NERD” already on it. To each his/her own, but carrying two golf balls in the left hand front pocket and 2-3 tees plus a divot tool in my right hand pocket keeps me adequately ballasted as I walk down the fairway (and sometimes into the woods).