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New “How Not To” category added

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Sunday, May 30th, 2010
Categories: How Not To

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After seeing two different boneheads during my round today, who were doing two different bonheaded things, I decided I need to add a new category.   Yes I already have the very popular and entertaining “boneheads” category, but this concept is a bit different.  Hundreds of golf sites have golf instruction and “how to” this and “how to” that.  Nobody has a “How not to.”  Coming up are my first two installments of “How Not To.”

2 responses to “New “How Not To” category added”

  1. Great idea. This category fills a desperate need. I can think of several others:
    – How not to tend the flag (leaving it flop, and having your shadow over the line of the putt).
    – How not to speed up play (parking your cart in the wrong place).
    – How not to return the cart to the course (messy).

  2. Based on my last two rounds I could do a bunch of material on “How Not To Golf”

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