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Solafeet golf foot tanning machine

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Thursday, December 10th, 2009
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Thanks to my cuz for this nugget.  He emailed it to me from 32,000 feet after seeing this thing in the Skymall magazine…

Back in this post I touted my golf tan line. I personally think having a strong golf tan line around the ankles with white feet and tan legs, is cool.  See my feet below left, after I’d been on the beach tanning for two days… I think a drastic golfer’s tan is a sign of a true golfer. But I can see how a lady golfer who wears some nice heels or shoes which expose her feet when not on the course needs to be sure her legs match her feet. For those people there’s a solution now. Solafeet is a device which tans just your feet.

One response to “Solafeet golf foot tanning machine”

  1. Alan says:

    File under “Signs Of The Impending Apocalypse.”

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