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I’m in the midst of a large project in my “other” world so I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the U.S. Open today. Other than checking the leaderboard about 8 hours ago I have no idea what happened today.

So I tune in to TGC’s (Tiger is God Channel) coverage of the U.S. Open. In what seemed like close to 30 straight minutes of watching the show I saw about 500 commercials, two “feel good” pieces and two actual golf swings from the Open. No leaderboard. No highlights. The only thing I did come away from the program with was that Phil Mickelson played today without a driver and still beat Tiger Woods by one shot.

Commercial to shot ratio

I’m betting that if I were to roll that last 30 minutes back on my DVR, the commercial count would dwarf the actual shot count from the tournament. Come on TGC (Tiger Golf Channel), get it together and show me some golf shots and maybe even show a leaderboard? OK?

I’m too tired to watch my DVR recording so I guess I’ll have to go to some of my regular online stops to get today’s details. I can’t stand watching any more TGC (Tiger is God Channel) talking golf heads or more commercials.

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