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golf shopperMy good buddy Eat (Rich) has been burning his geek candles at both ends. He’s been flexing his super geek muscles for a couple of months on something that could have a huge impact on how us “club ho” types buy gear:


Type in any golf item you’re in the market for and let the Eat Shopper search all the stores on the web and present you with a list of all the best prices, with images no less. It’s like golf’s version of Price Watch.

Shh. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this but it works for other items too. I searched for “panties” and the Eat Golf Shopper gave me a mere 40611 selections. Ahem, I’ll be busy tonight…


One response to “Eat Golf Shopper: A club ho’s new best friend”

  1. eatgolf says:

    Holy cow!! Over 40,000 results for panties! This is a real discovery

    In the script I built, I narrowed everything down so it first looked for all the “sporting goods” type stores out there, and then it searched through those stores for the product that was typed in and then it listed them..

    But with my mad programming skillz, I must have made a serious miscalculation somewhere and I guess it now searches every store on the net for any type of product that is for sale!

    It works for anything that is for sale on the net!

    It’s better to be lucky than good I guess ūüôā

    Thanks for *thinking outside the envelope* Media!

    Okay, off to go verify those shopper results for “panties” …

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